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Digital comments and creations are your footprint… a path back to you… prepare your path wisely.

Internet Safety

The Nespelem School District staff mission is "To enable a child to be a thinking, caring, productive person using high academic standards in a positive environment." To be a productive person today includes the world of the internet. 

For information on our strategies to guide students towards Internet Safety, please refer to the information and links on our technology pages: Technology Information, my nsdWeb Intro .  Find Internet Permission Forms here.

Curriculum for teachers: Netsmartz

Many resources at GetNetWise.

CIPA: Children's Internet Protection Act

OSPI Guidelines
To help you at home, please review these guidelines from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI):

Download your copy here. Also read our Internet Safety Netiquette.  What does this all mean? Read: Simply Said